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You want cool accessories? Your wish is my command.

 Customary to all roamers, we often have to rest and let our wallet catch its breath from all this hustle and bustle of a nomad life.  So let us take breather, go back to our “roots” and, if I may, present you something we love.

You want cool accessories? Your wish is my command

Put your hands up for….leather?
   When we say go back to our roots, we’re likely referring to Greenwich. One of the best places in London for starting a business, and pushing your passion out the door and into the lives of all who have a taste for handmade, sustainable and creative products.
   That’s why this week’s selection is leather. (*hides from PETA*)
    No, this isn’t mink-fur-hunting-cruelty, it’s just leather. Soft leather, simple, practical and lasts for a lifetime.
   Ryan (London) is an accessory craftsman. He initially wanted to go corporate, into finance, but as many of us know, you end up developing allergies when you hear “CORPORATE”. Stressed, looking rich but most likely poor, you need to look up “vacation” in the dictionary and your Pinterest board is like an homage to Hawaii.

​Not Ryan! Nope! He still needs a dictionary for the word “vacation”, but the rest is ok.

​   Now, in order to get to know Ryan, the businessman, I actually held a small interview, with questions and everything. New York Times, here I come! Polish that Pulitzer, boys!
Without further ado, let’s talk about Ryan London. 

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