Leather Rub

Nourish your leather goods with a blend of beeswax, lanolin and avocado oil. It will keep your leather flexible and prolong it's life. 

How should I use it?

Just wipe some with a dry cloth directly onto the leather and rub it in with circular motions. If it doesn't soak in rub it until the leather heats up and the pores open to welcome to nutritious treatment. Make sure you try it on a hidden spot first as it may darken some type of leather.

How often shall I use it?

Well it depends, on shoes can be applied more frequently than on less weather stressed goods. If you soak your hand too much, it dries out, the same principals apply on leather goods.


Content: 100 ml

Ingredients: beeswax, lanolin, avocado oil 

Storing: Make sure that the lid is closed and is kept in a dry cool place out of sunlight heat.