Blackberry Passport Leather and Wool felt Case - Global and AT&T version

Blackberry Passport  Leather and Wool felt Case with card holder for the Global and the AT&T version

- 100% wool felt (naturally water and dirt resistant)
- Handmade with love, care and attention to details
- Slim and sleek
The front side of the case is shorter in order to leave the notification led visible.
- The pictures worth a thousand words or more :)


Personalise your case with your initials embossed onto the front of the case, to do so please select "With Monogram" from the drop-down menu and leave a note with your name or initials below.

You can replace the branding with your name or monogram. Just add a note in the monogram field, something like this "JORDAN or JY instead of branding" 

You can purchase your case plain, free from any embossing by adding "no branding" to the monogram field. 

 Please make sure that you select the correct model (global or AT&T) as they are made to fit the actual model.